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David Shavzin, CMC
The Value Track | Exit Strategist, Value Growth, Exit & Succession, Transactions

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At The Value Track, we help business owners sell their businesses.  If not ready yet, we help them build value to maximize the sale. Owners typically get so caught up in the day-to-day that they lose sight of what makes a successful transaction – building value – and are unprepared when the time comes to sell. I guide business owners through a proven, 7-step process that builds value and makes their company more attractive to potential buyers so that they can make this important transition on their own terms.

Iris Grimm
Master Performance, Inc. | Professional Coach

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“Change before you have to.” Business success and life fulfillment require constant growth and recalibration. I work with leaders and their teams in varying ways to create a workplace where they perform at their best, reach the intended goals, and have fun along the way.

Richard Kirby
Small Business Coach | Vistage Intl.

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I help business owners get the most out of their companies and themselves via group “mastermind” meetings and one-on-one coaching. Owners shift from putting out urgent fires to developing strategies and processes, moving from Fire Chief to Chief Decision Maker. Typical areas of improvement include greater focus, more planning, improved processes, more effective hiring, increased employee motivation, and growth financing.